Don't Clutter. Make it Clean and Viable.


Think used car in good condition that has never been washed. Would you sell it without washing it? Probably wouldn't get the best price if it wasn't washed. So why sell without buffing it out? Don't! Your house is like your car. Give it a good coat of paint, re-arrange the furniture so it's pleasing to ALL buyers. If there is carpet that is worn, replace it. If the front door lock is worn and not operable, replace it. If the paint is not neutral then replace it. If you put your buyers's hat on and think about what a buyer is looking for then use your best imagination. You can't sell ANY house without buffing it out somewhat. Do you notice a shiny penny or do you notice a dull penny. We know the answer. Just do it. Make it a property that people will notice. Not a property that people will shun. Do the right thing and your property will sell. If you want further advice contact Mickey Booz, Realtor 760-505-5554 and I'll be happy to help.